CDE can supply almost every type of dosimetry consulting. If you have any questions regarding dosimetry, or any dosimetry need not mentioned at this site, please contact us for further information. Miscellaneous services include:
Non-Standard Patient Dosimetry
CDE can calculate dosimetry for non-standard situations, such as dialysis patients receiving radiopharmaceuticals, or patients with compromised organ function.
Misadministration Dosimetry Estimates
Misadministrations happen. CDE can provide you with the best available dosimetry estimates for misadministration situations.
Embryo/Fetal Dosimetry
CDE can provide you with the best currently available information, as well as provide estimates for your particular situation.
Breast Feeding Interruption Times
CDE can supply you with the best information available concerning dose to infants, and recommended breast feeding interruption times. If no information is available, CDE can determine hypothetical estimates to help physicians make the proper feeding cessation decision.
General Dosimetry Consulting
If you need information on any other aspect of dosimetry, or just have general questions, we can supply you with the information you require.
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