Introduction to Dosimetry
by Richard Sparks, PhD, Jeff Siegel, PhD

This is an introductory level course that takes 2 to 3 hours to complete. Topics include:

Natural Production of Radiation
Basic Concepts Concerning Radioactive Materials
Artificial Production of Radiation
How Radiation Interacts with Tissue to Deposit its Energy
Internal Dosimetry
External Dosimetry
Radiation Monitoring
Dose Equivalent and Effective Dose Equivalent

This course is appropriate for those who have little to no knowledge of dosimetry or the basic underlying concepts such as production of radiation, interaction of radiation with tissues, etc. It is also appropriate for someone who wishes to review the basic concepts of radiation and radiation dosimetry. To see a more in depth listing of topics, click the table of contents link below. Those completing the on-line exam will receive a certificate of completion.

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