CDE can perform any or all of the steps in the process of determination of dosimetry estimates for radio-pharmaceuticals including data collection protocol design consulting, image quantification, bio-kinetic model, creation of physics models, final dosimetry calculation, and preparation of final reports.

CDE will be happy to serve as a core image quantification and dosimetry site, perform a single task from the above list, or simply review your in house dosimetry calculations. Whatever pharmaceutical dosimetry related service you require, CDE can meet your needs.

The first step in determination of dosimetry estimates is robust data collection. CDE can design your dosimetry data collection protocol to insure that adequate and correct information are obtained in the study, avoiding expensive and time consuming repeat studies. Please click the "Data Collection Protocol Design" link below for more information on this topic.

Once the image and excreta and other data have been collected, image data must be transformed in to time-activity functions. CDE can perform this analysis, please click the "Image Quantification" link below for more information.

CDE then uses bio-kinetic modeling techniques to determine residence times using the most appropriate methods for dosimetry. Proper techniques including non-linear regression to sums of exponentials and compartmental modeling are employed to guarantee conservation of activity, and to produce residence times for standard organs/tissues and non-standard organs/tissues such as bone marrow. Other models, such as the voiding bladder model and GI tract transit models are utilized to complete the biokinetic modeling of the data. You can play our kinetic modeling java game by clicking here.

Once it has been determined where and how many transitions (in the form of residence times) have occurred, the next step is to calculate where the radiation emissions from these transitions deposit their energy in the body. CDE employs the best available standard physics model results for determination of this information. Where current physics models do not exist, CDE can create appropriate physics models for determination of energy deposition. Please click the "Physics Modeling" link below for more information on this topic.

CDE will then take all of the above information and produce final dosimetry along with a detail methodology and results report. If you would like to submit your work for publication, CDE can help you produce and format the material for the journal article.
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