CDE Dosimetry Services at the 2001 Society of Nuclear Medicine Meeting
Special thanks to everyone who visited our booth. If you couldn’t make it by and want one of our beautiful letter openers, drop us an e-mail at ecrowe@creative with your address, and we will be happy to send you one! Special congratulations to CDE's friend Dr. Keith Eckerman, for receiving the SNM MIRD Committee award for excellence in medical internal dosimetry.

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The band kicks off the Grand Opening of the Show
CDE staff, Eric Crowe, Dr. Rick Sparks and Olya Smrkovski, man the CDE Booth.
Dr. Jeffry Siegel, president and CEO of Nuclear Physics Enterprises, and partner in the Technologist Training Center, does booth duty with Eric and Olya.
Franklin Wong MD, PhD, JD, MBA and Rick man one of their posters during the "Meet the Author" session.
Rick does solo booth duty.
The distinguished physician / scientist Dr. Carol Marcus and eminent Dr. Jeffry Siegel discuss the future of Nuclear Medicine.

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