CDE Dosimetry Services

Accelerating the Development of Radiopharmaceuticals

Since 1997, CDE Dosimetry Services has served a multitude of international clients as an internal dosimetry core laboratory for pre-clinical, phase zero, phase one, phase two, and phase three clinical studies. Additionally, CDE has been highly involved in clinical dosimetry applications, serving for 5 years as the national dosimetry support and certification center for the Bexxar® radioimmunotherapy agent, and also serving since 2019 as the national dosimetry support center for the AZEDRA® pheochromocytoma and paraganglioma radiotherapy agent. CDE senior scientist Dr. Richard Sparks, also served as an external-consultant internal dosimetry reviewer for the FDA for more than a decade, including review of dosimetry submissions for the radiotherapeutic agents Zevalin® and Bexxar®.