CDE Dosimetry Services

Accelerating the Development of Radiopharmaceuticals

CDE Staff and Subcontractors:

Dr. Richard Sparks PhD, DVM, MS, MA, MBA

Expertise: Image Analysis and Quantification, Kinetic Modeling, Internal Dosimetry, Protocol Design

Dr. Jeffry Siegel PhD, MS, MS

Expertise: Applied Medical Physics, Regulatory Compliance, Protocol Design, Image Quantification, Internal Dosimetry, Patient Release.

Dr. Michael Stabin PhD, MS, CHP

Expertise: Internal Dosimetry, Health Physics

Dr. Olya Martin DVM, MS, DACVIM

Expertise: Oncology, Pre-clinical Studies, Data Analysis

Dr. Andrey Puretskiy PhD, MS

Expertise: Software Tools Integration, Computer Systems, Data Analysis

Mr. Nick Baca MS

Expertise: Radio-Chemistry, Data Analysis

Ms. Susan Ramsay BS, MBA

Expertise: Project Management, Data Analysis